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Posted by Jeremy Heslop

Issue, impact, importance equals business results

18 October 2018

Starting with the issue, impact and importance can focus you in the right direction

When I first came across the 4 quadrants in the book Same Side Selling by Ian Altman I was immediately struck by the simplicity of this concept yet it had much more impact than I realized. Not only was this a great sales tool, but it was also a great business tool for looking internally at issues in our client's businesses and even our own. Let's look at each quadrant and how it can help you focus on the right areas of your business: Read more about Issue, impact, importance equals business results

Posted by Jeremy Heslop

4 Tips To Help Your Business Start Out Great Every Year

02 October 2018

Every Year You Should Review Backups, Audit Software, Clean Up Passwords, and Clean Your Inbox

1. Preventing severe consequences by backing up your files and testing they can be restored.

Haven't you started a backup plan? ....

You should start your backup plan today! We have found that the 3-2-1 backup plan is the best test for a good backup. The 3-2-1 backup plan means having: Read more about 4 Tips To Help Your Business Start Out Great Every Year

Posted by Jeremy Heslop

You'll love these 5 competitive technology strategies for your business

13 August 2018


Today using technology is a must and having a technology strategy is a given.

Often we get asked by our clients, “How can I use technology to get a leg up?”