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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the common questions we are asked about IT2.0 and as a Virtual CIO.

1. What is CIO?
CIO is an acronym for Chief Information Officer. It is the executive in charge of all things technology in a business.

2. What is does Virtual CIO (vCIO) mean?
Virtual means that we aren’t a full time employee at the business. Virtual staffing allows for more flexibility and saves money for clients that need essential experts but can’t afford the big price tag. A typical CIO costs over $100,000 per year. Our services start at under $600.00 per month.

3. Isn’t my “IT guy” the Virtual CIO?
Generally No. The “IT Guy” fixes and implements technology; while he is in charge of the technology infrastructure (IT1.0) he doesn’t apply business expertise, strategy and business challenges to the technology.

4. Is a Virtual CIO expensive?
No. vCIO services are very affordable when you consider how valuable technology applied to growth, sales and success is. Our services start at under $600.00 per month.

5. Virtual CIO sounds too sophisticated for my small business?
It’s not complicated, we offer straightforward and understandable advice and solutions.

6. Will I need to change my services?
No. We work with your current vendors, partners and software.

7. How do I start?
We offer a free initial consultation where we can discuss what your pain points are – sign up for an IT2.0 Workshop or contact us today at call 410-219-2695.

8. I am not in Maryland?
We have clients globally, we use technology to help us communicate and visualize projects and plans, we can help any business around the world.

9. What is IT2.0?
IT2.0 is a framework to help focus on your business needs with technology. That includes tools like the ITCq and the 7C Framework to help you identify pain points and issues related to technology in your company. This is a business discussion first and technology is led by the business.