Do you find it challenging to gain that edge over the competition?
Is your existing IT 1.0 solution not cutting it?

We have found that most companies focus on IT1.0:

Focusing on Technology

Businesses often look at technology as a necessity instead of a valued asset that builds communication, collaboration and speed to market.

Narrow View of the Business

Looking only at the details limits the view and the ability to grow your business.

Lack of Technology Awareness

If the CEO/business owner does not have a full picture of how the company utilizes technology he/she cannot make informed decisions and often this leads to failed projects.

Failed Delivery

Projects seem to fail consistently and go out of scope or budget. Without a consistent project management plan projects fail before they begin.

When you focus on IT2.0 you get better results:

Focusing on Results

Removing the technology focus and looking at how technology can produce results for the business instead of a line item leads to growth.

Wide View of the Business

The holistic view of your business is critical in gaining a competitive edge. 

Technology Awareness

Awareness starts from the top and a regular meeting pulse with the CEO/business owner and vCIO allows a better picture of how technology can drive innovation and growth.

On-time Successful Delivery

Project management successfully implemented will keep those projects on-time and delivered successfully. Which will result in less overhead and wasted resources.


An example of an ITCq report. The ITCq is one of the ways you will get a strategic view of how you are using technology to be more competitive.

ITCq examples

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