Be Proactive By Greeting Office Visitors

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Of course, you should greet people coming through your doors. You can offer them help if they need it. Some people who are using your free WiFi may not need your services. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it can be helpful to find out more about them and see if they need help. This can also help protect your company from people who might want to do harm.

There are people who will try to get information about your business. They might do this by talking to your employees or by looking around. Sometimes it’s easy to tell when someone is doing this, but not always. The most obvious signs can include strange behavior, such as counting footsteps or looking around a lot. You can train your employees to

Most people who want to harm a business are not looking to get themselves in trouble. They may act strange when they visit, so you can train your employees to be friendly and ask if they need help. This will create pressure on the potential threat and make them more careful.

If you see any more suspicious activity, tell management right away. Note the person’s appearance and where they are. Are they near anything they shouldn’t be? Are they using the company WiFi in the lobby? Do they ask questions about staff that seem too personal? These could be signs that the person is doing reconnaissance on your business.

It is common for businesses to receive threats. Sometimes the threats come from digital sources, but other times they come from physical sources. The best way to reduce the chance of a physical threat is to greet your visitors. Greeting your visitors can help you identify bad actors and protect your business.

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